About Us


Madagascar 3M aims to train pastors in three roles which lie at the heart of their calling: Preacher (Mpitoriteny), Shepherd (Mpitandrina) and Slave (Mpanompo).


Our Story

Where It All Began

In a country plagued with syncretism because of the cultural attachment to animist practices, as well as an increasing influence of Islam and the Prosperity Gospel Movement, there is, by God’s grace, a few remnant churches faithful to biblical truth. Among the few, one group of churches that have remained conservative is the FFBBM (Malagasy acronym for “Association of Biblical Baptist Churches in Madagascar”). There are currently over 100 churches in the FBBM Association scattered all around the island, the majority being countryside churches. 

In the Spotlight

Spiritual context of Madagascar

60 to 65% of the pastors of those churches have received very minimal to no theological training at all. There are also still thousands remote villages where people have not heard the name of Christ. The Lord is at work raising a new generation of leaders within the FBBM and a great effort is currently done to make training accessible to pastors.

Percentage of Pastors having received minimal training

churches in the fbbm association nationwide

villages unreached by the gospel of Jesus christ

The intent of Madagascar 3M

We aim to come alongside the existing structures and all the relevant stakeholders and be involved in identifying, training and equipping men to study, obey and teach God’s Word. Ultimately, our desire is to open a Bible-teaching seminary in Madagascar, focusing on expository preaching, so to develop a generation of godly church leaders whom will then impact many lives. Our strategy is to offer training opportunities to different audiences and in a progressive sequence. In the first phase, we will offer:

Leader Biblical Training

Held at Ankadivato Biblical Baptist Church: It will be available to any men desirous to join, especially those involved in church ministry, in and around Antananarivo, the capital city. Having started in 2018, it takes place every First, Second and Third Saturday of every month. 

Countryside training for pastors

Having started in August 2017, it is organized 9-10 day (Tues-following Friday) intensive courses focusing on basics of Pastor Ministry. Training topics range from Bible Study Methods, Bible Storyline, Pastor’s home to Christian living and Mechanics of Preaching.