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Settled in the capital city of Antananarivo, 3M is a ministry dedicated to raising up and supporting theologically trained pastors, who will shepherd the Malagasy people in the true Gospel of Jesus-Christ.


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Our ministry

Identify, Train & Equip for ministry

The intent of Madagascar 3M is to come alongside the existing structures and all the relevant stakeholders and be involved in identifying, training and equipping men to study, obey and teach God’s Word.

Our primary objective is to work with Malagasy pastors. But in the future, and as the Lord sees fit to provide the opportunities, we are praying to be able to reach other men of God from French-speaking countries.


Biblical-based activities

Since its founding in 2017, Madagascar 3M has been dedicated to fostering spiritual growth and community development through a range of Biblical-based activities, such as conducting educational programs imbued with Christian teachings, engaging in outreach and mission work, and providing support and training to local church leaders to enhance religious study and worship within communities across Madagascar.


3M Preaching Institute

This 3-year program focuses on equipping mature Christian men with in-depth biblical knowledge and practical ministry skills to become effective preachers and spiritual leaders in their communities.



Regular conferences are held to gather believers for worship, fellowship, and to delve into various theological topics, fostering a stronger, more informed faith community.


Evangelization effort

Through evangelization, Madagascar 3M spreads the Christian gospel with the goal of personal conversion and the establishment of vibrant church communities.


Printing & Publishing

Committed to the distribution of sound theological resources, Madagascar 3M prints and publishes books that offer solid biblical teachings and guidance for believers.


Local Missions

The organization conducts local mission trips, aiming to reach out to the underserved communities, providing aid and sharing the Christian faith.


Teachings for women

Tailored specifically for women, these sessions aim to empower female members with biblical teachings that nurture their spiritual growth and enable them to contribute significantly to their congregations.


What People are Saying

“Souls will be saved”

Madagascar 3M will take the next generation to their God’s given destiny, souls will be saved through their ministry sharing the Gospel. May God bless this ministry. Our hearts and prayers are with Madagascar 3M. To God be the Glory. May God bless. Number 6:24-26.”

Mamitiana Nirintsoa

“Flawless service”

“Superb conference, flawless service attitude from the volunteers, great atmosphere.”

Philippe Viguier

“A powerful event”

Designed to strengthen pastors in their proclamation of God’s word, this conference brought together faithful men from six countries. It was truly a powerful event.

Todd Barnet

“Fervent servants”

“Fervent servants of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ! An army that fights for our King with the knowledge of God’s Word!

Michelle Keyzer

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