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3M Publishing est un éditeur chrétien à service complet, dédié à la production de livres chrétiens. Notre équipe gère l’ensemble du processus, de la rédaction à l’impression, pour offrir des ressources enrichissantes et fidèles à la foi chrétienne.


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3M Publishing’s mission


3M Publishing was born of the conviction that there is a great need in Madagascar for quality Christian resources. In a country where the reading culture is not widespread and books are often unaffordable, access to spiritual nourishment is often restricted. In addition, language barriers make it difficult for many Malagasy people to understand texts.

Faced with this situation, 3M Publishing was created with a clear objective: to offer quality Christian books that are financially accessible and written in a language that Malagasy people can understand. Our mission is to provide spiritual resources that nourish faith, enlighten understanding of the Bible and edify believers. We also want to do our bit to promote the culture of reading in our country.

Inspiring the Next Generation of Readers

At 3M Publishing, we believe in the incredible power of reading to transform lives. Our mission goes beyond publishing quality Christian books; it encompasses promoting the culture of reading in Madagascar, where a passion for reading is still in its infancy. We are committed to playing a key role in awakening curiosity, nourishing the thirst for knowledge and cultivating the pleasure of reading. Join us in this literary and educational adventure.

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We welcome collaboration with bookstores, local churches, associations and businesses. Together, let’s extend the reach of biblical truth and sound doctrine.