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We rely wholly on God for building and sustaining our team. Those who are part of the team are individuals who have had – and continue to have – an inner passion to see the Gospel advance in Madagascar and an external confirmation of their calling for that ministry. 

Managing director

Faly Ravoahangy

Faly accepted Christ as his personal Lord and Savior at age 15 and God has since made him grow in his love for studying and teaching His Word. He is a trained merchant marine deck officer and marine engineer. He has worked in various management positions in the oil industry for 15 years. Faly and Lily got married in May 2004. They have two boys, Daniel (2004) and Samuel (2008), and 3 girls, Emmanuelle (2010), Gabrielle (2011), and Rachel (2012).

In 2007, The Lord took him and his wife to South Africa where they providentially found the church pastored by TMS graduate, Dr. Tim Cantrell, who mentored Faly, leading him to realize the desire he had for full-time ministry. Returning to Madagascar, he saw the profound need for training of faithful, servant-hearted men in order to raise a new generation of church leaders committed to the sound teaching of God’s Word. The Lord then amazingly opened doors for him to join TMS to follow the Master in Divinity program, moving with the whole family to California early January 2015. Stricken by poverty and spiritual darkness, Madagascar groans and suffers. Faithful churches, preaching and living out the gospel of Jesus Christ are the greatest needs of the moment as people are engulfed by sin and its effects. The Lord thus grew in the Ravoahangy family a burden to go back to Madagascar after graduation in May 2017, and be available as instruments in the hands of God, to identify, train and equip Malagasy pastors, and in the future, as the Lord sees fit, to reach other men of God from French-speaking African countries.

In July 2017, Faly successfully passed the ordination process and was ordained as a pastor by Grace Community Church. The Ravoahangy family landed in Madagascar on August 1st, 2017. Faly shortly after created Madagascar 3M as an independent structure with a vision to work intra and across denominations to mobilize and equip a new generation of servants of the Lord in Madagascar and beyond.


David Ellingson

David Ellingson is first and foremost a Christian. David was brought to saving faith in 2007 after learning about the Lordship of Christ and the cost discipleship. The Lord has also richly blessed David with a loving wife (Ashley) and with four precious girls (Isabella, Lydia, Anna, and Clara). After working for 2 years in information technology and 7 years in the aerospace industry, David and his family moved to Los Angeles to be trained for fulltime ministry. David had the joy of working fulltime at Grace Community Church in the International Outreach department from 2014 until 2019. David graduated from the Master’s Seminary (M.Div., 2018) in order to be best equipped to preach, shepherd, and train other men to do the same.


The “core” team is small, but we are blessed by so many who volunteer or intern with us. Their contribution is invaluable as they help with various projects and tasks making the Madagascar 3M ministry what it is today.

Faniry Ravanomanda

I was born in a Christian family, so then I grew up always hearing about the gospel of Jesus Christ, studied Scriptures through lots of camps, teachings and Bible studies at church, the Baptist Church Ankadivato. I have professed to be a Christian since an early age. But as years passed by, I was living for myself, showing no love for Christ and his Word, no obedience or reliance on Him, guided only by my sinful ambitions and fear of others. But by God’s work, in 2016, I came to real repentance as studying what saving faith is and the true Gospel as a call to self-denial, realizing how wicked, miserable I was, and that I was NOT serving at all!! No fruit!

I got my baccalaureate degree the same year. Since then, my love for God’s Word never ceases to increase, and so do my desire to share the gospel and preach the Word, be an instrument to share the gospel to those who, surely like I was, are self-deceived. Faly’s ministry made this love grow even further and raised in me the desire of full-time ministry. For now, I serve by teaching youth at the Baptist Church Ankadivato and Betongolo, singing in the church’s choir, working with Madagascar3M and learning at the same time.
Realizing how far my walk with God still is, my desire is to be a faithful servant of our Lord Jesus Christ, a good testimony for his glory.

Tiana Rahajason

I have been converted to our Lord Jesus Christ since Frebuary 2015, the year I entered the Christian section of the INSCAE. Gradually, Jesus has transformed me to a real new creature and taught me to love things God love, in addition to the fact that He has always incredibly and so kindly directed my life.

As time goes by, I began to be profoundly concerned about proclaiming the Gospel. The Lord permitted me to get the conviction and the will to share It to my family, my close friends and to some of my classmates, at the beginning.
A year had passed when God chose me to serve Him within the Christian Section of INSCAE, the association through which I had known the Gospel. In all His merciful ways, God even chose me to become its president on 2017. During all of those periods I have constantly been encouraged and supported by my brothers from Madagascar 3M, especially during the Evangelism camp organised on December 2017 for which I am so thankful.

I am now preparing my Master Degree in International Trade, which I hope could be beneficient to the advancement of God’s Kingdom.
I long to see what the Lord has in store for me, and in every cases I want His will to be done and His Name to be glorified.

Romeo Rajaonarimalala

I heard the Gospel in 2010 during an Easter celebration event. At the time, I used to be quite introverted, spending much time in isolation, admiring nature, thinking about life in general, and writing poems. But from that day onwards, something far more valuable started to occupy my musings: the redemption of men at the cross of Christ! Reading Matthew 27 led me to contemplate that despite my nothingness, the only begotten Son of the Almighy God sacrificed Himself on the cross to redeem me from my sins. It was then that I received Jesus as Savior and Lord and that I immediately had the desire to dedicate the rest of my life to serving God.

A few years later, I was granted the grace to be part of INSCAE Section Chretienne (ISC), a Christian youth organization within my graduate school. ISC helped me a lot in building my faith and helping me grow spiritually. Students from different churches and backgrounds would gather to share about their faith and the Gospel during weekly meetings, and other events such as an annual youth camp. I am so grateful that by God’s grace he used me for two years within that organization, as administrative staff in 2018, then as president in 2019. It richly shaped me and taught me humility and servanthood. It was there also that I realzied that I was blessed with abilities in, and now have a real passion for, graphic design and communication skills.

I have the deep desire to use those God-given talents as tools to glorify God, by leading many to know Him and to submit their lives to the lordship of Christ. Soli Deo Gloria!

Felana Ravanomanda

I grew up in a Christian family. My parents read Bible stories to me and my brother every evening. We also attended church Saturdays and Sundays. At age 10, I stood up to proclaim my faith following an altar call. However, I didn’t fully really understand then what I had to be saved from nor who is this Jesus I believed in. During a camp that same year, I learned about my sinful state and that Jesus is the only solution. Yet, the years that followed, my life as a “Christian” consisted in trying not to do what displeased God while trying to fit in with the other youth my age.

In 2015, God put me through several trials which this time led me to be fully aware of my state as a sinner deserving His holy wrath. My guilt consumed me, but He never stopped expressing his love, grace and mercy. He also gave me a great hunger for His Word, and compassion for the lost. I got baptized in 2016 and understood that my calling is to give Him glory and make His name known.
This thirst to work for His Kingdom and to see the life of others changed through faith are the reasons why I am volunteering with Madagascar 3M today. Working in this company also allows me to learn more about God and his will. Finally, spending time with several Christians from different churches also teaches me a lot about the importance of fellowship.

My greatest desire is that, be it in my work, my studies, my family life, and in all aspects of this life on earth, I would decrease, and His Name would be exalted. I know my God is at work within me to complete the good work He has started in me.

Lova Salema

My father died when I was 2 years old. I was therefore raised by my single mum. She faithfully had me listen to children Bible stories, so I heard the gospel quite early in my life. I accepted Jesus as my personal Lord and Savior at the age of 12 and got baptized at age 16. At that time, I dedicated myself to serve the Lord as His slave.
I began to be very active at church, mainly as part of the music ministry, even though my commute to church is one-hour walking. In 2017, I started to get in touch with other Baptist churches in town and began to attend different teachings and conferences. My love for God’s Word grew and I was thankful for what I learned that way. For example, I realized that being actively involved in church services is not the ultimate goal in spiritual growth but increasing in the knowledge of God’s Word is essential.

I met Faniry at a youth camp. He is a brother who loves God’s Word. 😉 We became friends and that was how I heard about Madagascar 3M. I asked Faniry to introduce me to Faly because I wanted to join the team. After that, I did my best to attend all the teachings that I could be part of. These teachings greatly enriched my spiritual life. One of my favorites was the International Summit for Expository Preaching. It encouraged me to deeply study the Scriptures.

My knowledge about God, His identity, His will, His plans and His Word increased and that led me to rely more on Him and to trust in Him by acknowledging that what He says is true. Now, I serve Him in many different avenues, including at church and as part of Madagascar 3M – and I find more boldness in preaching the Gospel to people who are still unfamiliar with Jesus’ salvation.
In that way, I keep on growing while helping the others to grow as well. All these I do for the glory of my One and only mighty God. To Him alone be the glory!

Sarah Andrianarivo

I was raised in a Christian family. My parents were both involved in different ministries at church. Every evening, we used to have family devotions, where they taught us about Jesus from the Scriptures. I was a stereotypical Sunday school kid, who knew the story of Jesus as head knowledge only, with the intent of being able to answer the monitors’ questions and please her parents. Yeah, my sole purpose was the approval of others, and I thought that acknowledging Christ was the way to achieve that. Gratefully, I attended a camp in 2008 which had forgiveness based on Christ’s example as its theme. At that time, I understood the value of the death of Christ and his resurrection; I was convinced that sin and its consequences were the reasons why Jesus came and gave His life. I finally accepted Jesus as my savior at the age of 14 by His grace and by the power of Holy Spirit.

Then, I was baptized in 2012 and continued to grow spiritually in Ankadivato Biblical Baptist church. I was facing different trials, especially with my study. This caused me for a while to lose track of what ultimately matters and to be more focused on being a successful student and have a good career than what truly matters eternally.

Yet through these trials, God helped me to understand His one central purpose for my life. He wanted me to set my heart and keep my mind on things above, where Christ sits, not on fleeting things of this earth. This is the reason why I chose to be a volunteer at Madagascar 3M. I want to spend my whole life serving Christ and others, to get out of my comfort zone and pursue a Christ-centered life, while enjoying fellowship with other like-minded believers.

Michou Andriamadimanana

I heard the Gospel as a child as I regularly attended church, Sundays and Saturdays. It led me to accept Jesus as my Saviour and my Lord at age 10.
Desiring to grow in faith and likeness to Jesus, I was keen to learn more through avenues like Bible Study Fellowship ( BSF), as well as to teach God’s Word. Starting at age 19, I was involved in Saturday kids’ Bible clubs. Madagascar being an underdeveloped country, these clubs were mainly attended by street kids and financially disadvantaged teenagers. Thus, in addition to sharing the Gospel with them, we provided them with material help. This social involvement changed many lives in the local communities.

In 2014, the Lord urged me to create my own kids’ Bible club, in my courtyard, to share about salvation in Jesus and conduct weekly Bible studies for the children in my neighborhood. In 2017, it grew to become a legally established association giving basic educational assistance to kids in public school, providing them with school fees assistance and school supplies. As Madagascar 3M developed programs for children, like the Vacation Biblical School (VBS), the kids from the clubs in town were able to attend. I am so grateful for the blessing it was for those kids and for the spiritual lessons they receive. I am also thankful for my close friendship with Lily, Faly’s wife, with whom I facilitate women conferences for Madagascar 3M.

As part of this team, it is a blessing and a privilege for me to be involved in the coordination, communication, marketing and networking aspects of these events. Soli Deo Gloria.

Gersona Andrianarijaona

Growing up in a Christian family and an evangelical church, I have been raised knowing that God exists and that the Bible is true. I have tried my best to be an obedient kid and not to cause too much problems to my parents.

But what I learned up to that point only made sense when I reached my mid-teenage years when God led me to realize that, even as a socially well-behaving church kid (at least according to my own standards), I desperately needed a Savior.
The Lord then lead me progressively out of the shallow but comfortable waters of religiosity, to the deeper ones of an authentic Gospel-centered life. Today, I continue to learn how to live as a true disciple of Christ.

After I graduated from high school, I studied information technology and communication sciences, as well as software engineering. I now serve the Lord as a software developer for the majority of my time, together with co-leading the youth group of my local church, being involved in a local Bible Study Fellowship class as part of the administrative team, and serving with the Madagascar 3M team.

Tara Hubbard

I wasn’t raised knowing about God or reading the Bible, but I knew that my heart was desperately wicked at an early age. When I was 15, I went to a youth group at a Bible-believing church for the first time, because I was interested in learning about why people read the Bible. I continued to attend Bible study and the youth pastor even bought me a Bible as a gift. I became very interested in learning about who Jesus is and I read Scripture whenever I could. After a couple years of reading God’s Word but not committing my life to Jesus, I repented and turned from my sins, and became a Christian when I was 17 years old.

The Lord, in His kindness, allowed me to hear about The Master’s University, where I attended and graduated from in 2016. Now I live in Jackson, Wyoming and work as a graphic designer. I’m thankful that I can use my gifts in Marketing and Design to further God’s kingdom and bring glory to His Name!

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