International Summit on Expository Preaching


The aim of the International Summit on Expository Preaching (SIPT) is to assert the inerrancy of God’s Word, its authority and its sufficiency. It is important to at the responsibility of the preacher to preach the Word, as per the theme verse of this conference in 2 Tim 4:2. This summit is annualy organized for 200+ people different church denominations, from the city and the countryside, pastors and laymen, young and old.



« I was invited to speak at the International Summit of Expository Preaching in Madagascar. Madagascar is a huge island off the East Coast of Africa which is larger than France! Madagascar has 2 official languages: Malagasy and French. I was one of 7 speakers invited by Faly Ravoahangy, a successful local business executive whose life course was suddenly changed as he sensed the Lord calling him to full-time ministry a few years back. After obtaining his Masters’ degree in Expository Preaching at the Masters’ Seminary in Los Angeles where he won the MacArthur preaching award, he returned to his country of Madagascar to become a zealous preacher and effective pastor in Antananarivo, the capital city. The 5-day conference included speakers from France (Florent Varak, Philippe Viguier), Switzerland (me), South Africa (Tim Cantrel, Dave Beakley), and the US (Todd Barnett). The 200 pastors and church leaders who attended were profoundly touched and grateful for the conference as they learned how to better exposit the Word of God. »

John Glass