Projects in the Works

*See below for how you can help

MAD is an all-natural, fair-trade, organic, gourmet peanut butter that Therismos Investment Company would like to produce. This product promotes the singularity on Madagascar with the addition of vanilla caviar to its composition. The peanuts are sourced from partner rural pastors and churches, and all the proceeds will go towards development projects for their area. Further opportunities could arise to diversify into the dried fruit market or other nut-based products once a reliable supply chain established. Madagascar 3M is looking for a partner to introduce the product to the US market as well as looking at all the details of the supply chain.

Madagascar 3M has the vision of meeting its operational costs through self-sustaining projects. One of these projects is the production of essential oils which will then be exported to a partner company outside Madagascar. We are currently looking for the right person to pilot and coordinate this project.

Helping 3M can occur in many forms and one of the greatest is the giving of time and skills. We’re currently looking for someone who 1) has a deep love for the Lord and His Kingdom and 2) has a strong knowledge of business. This person would play a key role in breathing life into these projects through creating business relationships and orchestrating logistics, all to further the 3M goal of creating sustainable revenue streams that directly support local pastors and a future seminary.

If you’re interested in how you can join the team and use your God-given talents in a unique role, please fill out the short form below and our managing director will be in contact with you!